There must be two or more plotter names in the Ready for Plotting box to select a default plotter. Use to test cut quality. Attempting to manually move the GS15 in any axis of movement while the power is on may damage the plotter. Load vinyl and install the knife holder. You have selected 0 products to compare.

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The tool height changes in the middle of a job.

Press either RUN key to cut. Plhs all packaging materials in case it becomes necessary to transport the plotter at a future date. This play exists because the ball bearing has a flexible race.

There should be one installed on the pounce wheel holder. Films, papers, 3M vinyl wrap and more for creating vehicle graphics, signs, wall and floor graphics, banners and more.

Gerber GS15 PLUS plotter

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the cover screw at the rear of the tool force housing see below. Do not over-tighten the set screw or the pen could be crushed. Grimco SKU select options.


Gs5 the cam shaft by hand until the lift fork is at its lowest position. View my Cart Close. Tape the ends securely to prevent the roll from unraveling. If not, go to step Everything you need to make custom vinyl banners including material rolls, banner stands, hem tapes, grommets and banner blanks. Position the carriage and material.

Service and Pkus 3. While holding the motor bracket in place, tighten the two bracket screws. Page 16 plus 6 GS15 Contents: Swivel Knife Mode is used for rapid cutting of all but the most demanding materials such as sandblast stencil.

Monument Cutting Plotters

Sign making blanks, panels and boards in aluminum, foam, corrugated plastics, acrylic, PVC, polystyrene, polycarbonate and more. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Page pkus plus 72 GS15 8. Tighten the X axis drum clamp. Do not use the way shaft to lift or turn the plotter. Over 50 locations throughout the USA and Canada, Grimco provides on-time delivery on a wide variety of sign materials, vinyl sign supplies and more.


The blade should be parallel with the two forks of the lift fork. Do not rest the plotter on its right side. Slide the plotter drum and the X axis gear toward the centerline of the frame and each other.


Use the Allen wrench to tighten the set screw near the tip of the pen. The tip of the blade should point toward the left side of the plotter. Power Cords plus 1. Tool Force Dial Materials and Tools Tool Force Dial The tool force dial on the front of the housing indicates the tool force setting and the amount of tool force, or pressure, that is applied to the tool during operation.

If the plotter consistently fails the self-check tests, contact Gerber Field Service Department ator fax at Pivot the plue cover to the side of the plotter.

Run a multiple line test plot.