Hope someone may guide me. All this however have not been tested by me so you need to poke around as there is no guarantee it would work. The aim of this psot is to gathered all driver for CQ43 but your feedback is really important. At the “Press any key to boot from CD It should work on your notebook, but i don’t dare say anything about the drivers available for your other devices on XP.

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Sep 7 Is there any way I can test the install before decided to burn it into CD? Realtek Motorola Sat Bluetooth 3. And there’s an exclamation on network controller in device manager.

I think your CD is working perfectly fine. Try re-run the setup if you haven’t do that and reinstall your XP. It means the driver files you copied into your diskette lacks a file which the setup needs called “txtsetup. Mind telling me what error does the BSOD gives?


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God knows how this happened If not please read again Sep 23 Copy the link, open a new tab or window and open the URL that way. Thanks for replying though.

Determine its seriesseries or series nVidia chipset before you download. There is no such things as can’t, the only obstacle would be if you can find the drivers to get a proper OS up and running after downgrading. So i insist that please try to list out your hardware specification as detail as you can for me to help you faster and easier.

What i’m trying to say is, the hardware crashes with the version of pci.

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Cam Software Version 2. Glad you made use of it. Share on Track this topic Print this topic. I’m afraid not as far as i know. Glad you fixed it. It has something to do with http: Feb 13 Is it XP SP2? May 19 Changed the guide a bit to reflect some changes. One Shot One Kill:.


Mar 27 However, it com;aq written that my hard disk is not found OR maybe due to manufacturer. A very useful thread.

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Or else, ask them to send u a replacement since this is a new laptop. Leave all the other settings as it is if you don’t know what is it for.

Dec 2 I don’t need to satq the drivers, but I want to install the ‘latest’ version. So there are many versions of CD in stores out there where the original owner of the CD did his own slipstream to the CD.